The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off - for all whom the Lord our God will call." Acts 2:39


God made an everlasting covenant with Abraham and commanded him to circumcise every male child as a sign of that covenant between him and God (Gen. 17:9-14). It is important to note that God makes promises to those before they can make a decision. This covenant is fulfilled in Jesus Christ and continues for all those for whom he has died and are welcomed into His kingdom (Gal 3:16-4:7). The sign (circumcision) has changed in the New Covenant since Christ shed his blood once for all for the remission of sins (Heb 9:23-10:14). Since God’s covenant promise has not changed and the new covenant is of even greater grace, not only males, but now all children are included in the promise (Acts 2:39). Jesus told his disciples not to hinder the little children from coming to him (Matt. 19:14) and the Apostle Paul instructs us that the children of believers are holy (1 Cor. 7:14). For these reasons, CoramDeo baptizes infants in obedience to the command of God.

Growing in Grace

We are committed to our children growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that our children will know what they believe and why they believe it. We have developed course of instruction so that before they graduate from high school, they will know what the Bible says, have a proper grasp of Biblical doctrine and understand that there have been those in the past who have struggled and died for the faith. They will also know the will of God for their lives and how to comport themselves as believers as, on one hand, they desire to obey God’s will and, on the other, confess along with the rest of us, what a small beginning we have of this obedience.

Profession of Faith

We thank God for the grace that God gives in Jesus Christ that our children are made desirous of professing their faith publicly in the presence of God and in His holy church and to obtain the privileges of full communion with the people of God. When they do so, they profess that they believe what the Word of God reveals concerning salvation by grace alone, that they accept the promises of God made in their baptism and seek their life, not in themselves, but only in Jesus Christ their Savior. They declare their love for the Lord and their heartfelt desire to live a godly life. Finally, they commit themselves to participation in the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth. We all rejoice with them that the God of all grace who has called them into his eternal glory in Christ, shall himself perfect, establish and strengthen them.