Elder Will Kim grew up in the Korean American Church (KAPC) in southern California. However, it was not until after college that Will began to become familiar with the Reformed faith, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, his understanding of God’s Word became clearer and his faith became more grounded.

Will began attending Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim as he saw the need for his family to attend a confessional Reformed church (emphasizing doctrine, Christ-centered preaching, distinction between Law and Gospel, and sacraments).

Will moved to Colorado in 2006 and began attending Coram Deo Reformation Church in Denver, Colorado. Will’s family was one of four families that were commuting from Colorado Springs and Woodland Park to attend Coram Deo Reformation Church until Covenant United Reformed Church began in 2011.

Will currently serves as an elder and Sunday school teacher at Covenant URC. He is thankful for the preaching of God’s Word twice each Lord’s day, where we hear the holy Gospel announcement that our sins are forgiven by a merciful God who sent His one and only Son to redeem us from our fallen nature and administers the sacraments that Christ instituted.

Will enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, tennis, basketball, and rock climbing.

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